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Adding Warranties & Trust Services to your E-Commerce Website Sales

The ability to sell an item to a buyer that you have never met or seen on the internet requires several things. Trust is in my opinion the most important part of successfully selling an item. The buyer must trust that you are accurately representing an item and that you will fulfill your end of the sales transaction by sending the item to them after they have paid for it. Trust can be built from feedback such as an eBay seller’s rating, Amazon rating or any other marketplace’s seller profile. In most cases buyers will be able to rate the transactions that they have had with the seller. This can be devastating to a seller if their performance has not been up to par. Always make sure that a buyer receives exactly what you’re selling and in the condition that you have stated, receives it earlier than the time frame required and that you have answered any questions that the buyer has asked before and after the sale in a timely manner. If there is a problem with the item and the buyer request a refund, return or any other request that you do whatever you can to assist the buyer if possible. This does not always mean that you provide them an instant refund if they request one or bend over backwards to make them happy. For instance I have had customers request refunds on products that they purchased six months before. This is unacceptable; my refund policy is 14 days for used items and 30 days for new items. I let the buyer know in the nicest possible way that I was sorry the product stopped working but policies are policies and mine was clearly stated so I was not going to provide a refund.
If you are selling on your own website or just want to provide the customer with complete assurance of trust you can use many different third party solutions. SquareTrade as an example is a company that you can sign up with and put a logo on your site or listing that guarantees customer satisfaction. One of the best features of them is that you can offer your customers the ability to buy a WARRANTY! and a GUARANTEE! so they don't have to worry about damaged and defective items! They will help mediate any disputes and act as a middle man to ensure both the seller and buyer are satisfied with the transaction. They were one of the most reputable mediation companies for eBay until eBay decided they were not going to allow sellers to remove negative feedbacks. For many years you could pay a $20 fee and use SquareTrade to mediate a transaction with a buyer, if a positive solution was reached between the buyer and seller then a negative feedback left by the buyer could be removed. SquareTrade still is a viable option for E-Commerce sites and will provide a new seller with additional credibility. A few other sites to check out if you are interested in more creditability and building an image of trust for your customers are:
  • SquareTrade
  • Bizrate Circle of Excellence
  • VeriSign Secured Seal
  • Web Safe Shield
  • McAfee Secured Site
  • Thawte

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